Stunning Amazing effects of cold on the body.

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The weather is getting cold very fast and this change has some unexpected effects on the body and mind.

Yes, changing the weather brings many changes in our body and mind and medical experts also confirm this.


Keeping these changes in mind is essential to staying healthy throughout the year.

Here you will be able to learn about the effects of cold weather on the body, some of which will surprise you.

Getting rid of obesity is easy.

Yes indeed, this is a great benefit of cold weather and according to medical research reports, when the weather is cold, our body starts burning more calories to keep the body warm, well, this is not such a big difference that it completely gets rid of obesity. However, the excess fat can be reduced to a considerable extent by adopting exercise or other methods.

Fingers shrink.

Have you ever noticed that the ring on your finger loosens in cold weather?

It’s not your imagination, in fact the bones of the hands and toes swell in hot weather and reverse this process in winter, causing them to shrink, thus the body tries to conserve its body heat and the basic maintains temperature.

Bone pain.

Some people experience more bone pain in winter due to a physical reaction to cold weather, usually in the hands, feet and ears, due to the narrowing of the small blood vessels there. If the supply increases too much, it is not dangerous, but it is definitely painful. To avoid it, you should wear suitable warm clothes and avoid staying outside for a long time.

Vision may be affected.

Extreme cold temperatures such as head wind and snowfall can affect vision. It is important for people to use sunglasses in areas where there is snowfall.

Red face.

If the nose or cheeks are red due to cold, it is because the blood of these parts is moving towards more important organs such as the heart or lungs, so the blood supply to the face is reduced.

But when you come to a warm room and blood circulation returns to normal, the result is that some parts of the face turn red like a tomato.

Increased risk of heart attack.

For the elderly, the risk of heart attack increases during this season, especially those who already suffer from heart disease. It takes more work to do which increases the blood pressure to some extent.

Fluctuations in mood.

When the temperature is low, its effects on the mood are negatively affected due to the lack of vitamin D due to less time of sunlight.

Dry nose and eyes.

In cold weather, the humidity of the air also decreases due to which the eyes and nose become dry so that the body can maintain the moisture of other organs.

Persistent runny nose.

As the body fights dryness in the cold, you may experience constant moisture in the eyes or a constant runny nose because the process of making tears and mucus can be accelerated when they are dry.

Excessive urination.

In cold weather, blood flow increases to vital organs, causing you to experience more urination because increased flow increases blood pressure, and in response, the kidneys begin to filter excess fluid to reduce the excess pressure. could

Difficulty breathing.

If you have difficulty breathing in cold weather, it is because the lungs are not getting enough air. Choking and breathing becomes difficult, especially people suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases may face more difficulties.

Important thing.

All content contained in this post is intended to provide information only and should not be taken as medical advice. Readers should consult relevant health professionals.

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