Showbiz actors were also shocked by the high electricity bills.

Recent in days, not only electricity prices have increased in Pakistan, but food items and petrol have also become expensive, which is worrying the people and now showbiz personalities have also made fun of electricity bills.

Pakistani host and actress Nadia Khan has shared a video on her YouTube channel in which Nida Yasir, Fiza Ali, Sadia Imam and Nadia Khan herself are sharing the details of their heavy electricity bills.

Sadia Imam.

First, Sadia Imam said that a few months ago, the electricity bill of her house was 67 thousand rupees, after which she installed a solar system. The first bill that came after installing solar was 19 thousand rupees and 5 thousand rupees was added as tax after which the total bill was 26 thousand rupees.

He said that two air conditioners (ACs) should run simultaneously in his house.

Apart from this, Sadia Imam while talking about petrol expenses said that her car is only used to drop and pick up my daughter from school.

Sadia Imam said that she puts more than 40 liters of petrol in her car every week. A few months ago, she used to pay 5000 to 6000 rupees for petrol, now its price is 10500 rupees.

Regarding the household budget, actress Sadia said that a few months ago, she used to buy household goods for 45,000 to 50,000 rupees, but now it has increased to 75,000 rupees.

Nada Yasir.

Morning show host Nida Yasir revealed that her family was away from home for a month and a half in August, yet the electricity bill for the month was Rs 100,000. My whole family sleeps in one room and only one AC is used.

According to Nada, she is also thinking of installing a solar system at home, but solar has become very expensive. Earlier it was 0.8 million rupees, then it was 15 lakh rupees, now its price is about 25 lakh rupees.

In response to a question about petrol, Nida Yasir said that he had four vehicles in his house, after petrol became expensive, he sold two of them. A few days ago, she got the petrol tank of her car for 25 thousand rupees, which she was surprised to see.

Fiza Ali

Model and actress Fiza Ali said that despite not running the AC, the electricity bill of her house came to 67 thousand rupees.

He said that everyone installs solar sheets or solar panels in the house to reduce the electricity bill, the whole world is running on the same system.

Nadia Khan.

The host Nadia Khan told about the electricity bill of her house that last month when she was not in Pakistan for 3 weeks, even then her electricity bill was 75 thousand rupees.

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