Shakarkandi farming in Pakistan Punjab.

The average yield of Sweet Potato in Pakistan Punjab is 4.8 tons per acre.

Mohammad Qawi Irshad, spokesman for the agriculture department in Rawalpindi, said that due to its benefits, it is important to increase the cultivation of sugar cane.

It is also eaten boiled. The soft leaves of yam are also used as a vegetable while its oxen are used for cattle feed. Yam does not contain fat or cholesterol at all.

Maltese and yellow yam are rich in Vitamin A. 100 grams of yam contains energy 76 water 80.13 grams protein 1.37 grams fat 0.14 grams starch 17.72 grams fiber 2.5 grams sucrose 5.74 grams calcium 27 grams iron 0.72 mg magnesium 3 mg phosphorus 32 mg potassium 230 mg sodium 27 mg vitamin A (IU) 15740 Vitamin C 12.8 mg B1 or thiamine 0.056 mg B2 or riboflavin 0.047 mg B3 or niacin 0.538 mg Vitamin B Five contains 0.581 mg of vitamin B6, 0.165 mg of vitamin E and 94 mg.