Seed saving movement.

shallow focus photography of green plants

Some time ago, the control of the seed was with the common farmer. People used to grow vegetables and grains and save a part of their produce as seeds and plant it again next year. Chilli seeds were commonly found in every house in the villages.

Now the situation is different. Hybrid seeds are everywhere. Most of the hybrid seeds are genetically modified and their fruit either does not have a seed tip or if it does, it is muted and not replanted. The process of preparing jata hybrid batch is technical and expensive, instead of the common man, some companies have taken it in their hands.

Natural seeds are gradually disappearing, you can look around all the villages and you cannot find the seeds of indigenous things. At present, companies are giving seeds and we are using them by importing them, but tomorrow, if the companies want, any country can have their own. He can make a hostage or give the seed at all or give it at the desired rate.

There is no such thing as national food security, so at the individual level, all the farmers should protect their traditional seeds and breads as much as possible and be prepared from now on against the possible food threats that we face. It is said that the hybrid yields more, so the name is true, but it is also a propaganda spread by some companies. In addition, don’t just look at the weight, nutrition and taste are also important. It weighs heavily on the whole body.

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