Sad interview with the late Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Asked in the interview, Have you ever buried thousands of unclaimed bodies?

He closed his eyes and plunged into deep thought, saying that it was not a torture or a mutilated corpse, but once my volunteers brought a clean corpse which looked like an old but well-educated and well-fed family. Her hair was oiled like white silver. And was neatly combed.

Her personality looked dignified in the laundry suit of Dhobi. But now he was just a corpse, Edhi Sahib seemed to be thinking again.

Many corpses are brought to us every day but such a corpse which leaves its mark seldom comes. I was looking at this corpse carefully. Was lying outside.

As soon as we reached the front of the bungalow, a young man from a family waiting for us in a taxi came out and hurriedly handed us an envelope and said that these are the expenses of the funeral and then he muttered to himself. I have a father.

Take care of them, take a good bath and bury them. So much so that a voice came from the taxi. The flight will depart in your speech.

Edhi sahib said I was very sad to know about this corpse and when I started looking at this unfortunate person again I felt as if he was waving his arm begging me that Edhi sahib is the heir of all the corpses.

Instantly decided that I would bathe and bury this corpse myself. Then, as soon as I started bathing, I saw this burning body and started thinking that the person in my life Value was reliable and sensitive. He would not have taken any pride in raising his children.

But the son did not even have time for burial. Such a son was more worried about getting out of the flight than taking his father down to the grave. On that day, there was a lot of weeping over the sinking of humanity.

May Allah give perfect guidance to such children. Amen