Rolling from the Supreme Court, then I will announce the exit.

Addressing a function in Peshawar, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that it was a crucial time for the country.

No one is neutral Allah does not allow to remain neutral On May 25 the media covered the difficult situation.

Think of this struggle as jihad not politics. Rana Sanaullah shahbaz sharif should be in jails for the Model Town incident.

IK said that courts are formed to protect the weak from the strong. We defeat these people then Pakistan will go to the top. If we are not successful then your children will have to fight this war.

There is a war of justice in Pakistan. Rana Sanaullah is scaring people. A coward is a tyrant.

Women and children were shelled in March. Shells were hurled at the participants of the march which are aimed at terrorists.

He who fears never becomes a great man, he never moves forward.

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