Reasons for the decline of Pakistan.

Fawzia Khattak is a doctor-gynaecologist, after completing her education, she did her first job in a military hospital, then she went to UK for higher education, there she also did a job along with her education, then after completing her education, she joined a regular hospital.

Then the spirit of serving the country brought Dr. Fawzia home, now she is working in a big private hospital, but she soon found out what is the state of the spirit of patriotism and humanity in Pakistan. It will pass and the hospital will benefit from which you will also get a reasonable share.

This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, now Dr. Fawzia saluted the spirit of patriotism, resigned from the hospital and bought a ticket to go back to the country of infidels, UK.

It should be remembered that these are not only Fauzia Khattak’s thoughts and feelings, but I also graduated from a top university in the UK
I am and I am willing to serve the country and the nation by being associated with a particular sector in my homeland.

But in the context of the current situation of Pakistan
I don’t want to go there and become a scapegoat.

Today, these are the reasons for the downfall of Pakistan, that the educated class is sifting the dust from door to door, nothing is safe.

It is very sad that we are getting higher education and profession from western countries and developed countries by spending heavy pocket money
They want to use their skills in their own country, but the world of Pakistan is unique.

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