Putting the Prime Minister on the tip of his shoe, my God awakened my people.

Addressing a public gathering in Gujranwala, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people of Gujranwala have played cricket for 21 years but I have never seen so many people at the cricket ground.

He said that all the dacoits have stood on one side and my nation on the other side calls it a revolution when we become a nation and fight the enemies of the country. Insha Allah we will defeat them badly. I am calling Islamabad to fight the war of true freedom.

By gathering the big bandits of Pakistan under an American conspiracy, they overthrew the elected government of the people of Pakistan. The whole nation has to come out with me. We will tell these conspirators that we are a living and free nation.

The former prime minister said that in history whenever a prime minister was removed sweets were distributed. No one thought that when I was removed through conspiracy the nation would take to the streets when our government removed the wealth of the country. Exports grew the most in our time in history. Exports grew 26% in the 9 months last year.

Pakistan’s industry has grown the most since the Ayub era. We have collected the highest taxes in the history of Pakistan. We have reduced the price of petrol in the country. We have reduced the burden on our people. We collected money and spent it on the people. We got the money from the sugar mills to the farmers on time. The farmers planted it on the land which increased the income of the farmers.

He said that some people have been saving you from PML-N all the time but the time has come for every dacoit and your time has come. Is.

Imran Khan said, “I always promised you that I will never bow down to anyone and I will never let you bow down. Prime Minister, there is nothing in front of him. Awaken it, unite it, when we become a nation, there is no problem for us, let us repay our debts, just as in flood and earthquake, as a nation, this nation helped itself, Pakistan means no god but Allah, there is no god but Allah. No, we do not bow before anyone. We do not bow before America. We are followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We do not bow before anyone.

Inshallah we will build a new pakistan this month to win the war of real freedom now prepare for islam ticket i will see the performance of islamabad march hamza is coming down now the police will not stop but he will send his family with you People from all departments will send their families and our Pak Army families will also come.