PP has Stunning Valuable Released the Election Manifesto.

The People’s Party has released a complete election manifesto containing 64 pages. In the manifesto of the People’s Party, it has been committed to reform the people’s government and increase economic development.

Economic improvement, ending economic and external debt and doubling the salary of the poor are part of the manifesto, while increasing the minimum salary by 8% every year is included in the PP manifesto.

Creating new jobs for the youth and providing 300 units of free electricity is part of the PPP manifesto, while the solution to deal with climate change has also been made a part of the manifesto.

The PPP manifesto declared education for all as the basic right of the people and said that a primary school for every 30-minute journey and a middle and secondary school for an hour’s journey will be mandatory.

The establishment of a university in every district of Pakistan, provision of free primary health care and medicine throughout the country is part of the manifesto of the People’s Party, along with full activation of all primary health centers, complete free treatment of heart, liver and kidney throughout the country are included in the PP manifesto.

Providing free provision to 30 lakh poor across the country, regularizing slums, giving ownership rights, providing cheap loans for houses to the private sector are also part of the PP manifesto.

People’s Party has announced important benefits for farmers in the manifesto and said that farmers will be stakeholders in our economy, while providing urea fertilizer to farmers on subsidy, land improvement and water supply are part of the PP manifesto.

It is included in the manifesto to inform the farmers about planting crops after the modern climatic changes, while it will be the responsibility of the government to insure the crops of the farmers.

The PPP has made big claims for the workers in the manifesto, they will provide basic facilities to the industrial and other workers through the labor card, while it will be the responsibility of the government to provide the workers with salary according to their hard work.

The PP Manifesto states that through Mazdoor Cards, the school fees of workers’ children will be free, and through Mazdoor Cards, there will be health insurance for workers’ family members.

Provision of social security and pension will be ensured through the labor card and old age facilities and disability facilities will be given to the laborers through the labor card.

The manifesto of the PPP includes the announcement of the issuance of youth card, financial assistance will be given to hardworking young boys and girls to get a job, student loans will be introduced for higher education.

Establishment of youth center, library vocational facilities and others are included in the manifesto.

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