PM has more than one plan for tomorrow.

PM Imran Khan said in a direct telephone conversation with the nation that he has made more than one plan for tomorrow. He said that he would give good news to the nation by being successful.

Auctions are being held like goats to overthrow the government. There is a global conspiracy against the government. He appealed to the youth to protest against this conspiracy for their future. Will drop by.

He said that the country is at a critical juncture today. The people have to decide where they stand. Being neutral means that you are standing against evil. We have been commanded to stand with good.

Referring to the opposition, he said that he would not accept treason with his country.

S Sharif said yesterday that beggars are slaves. S.S declared 22 crore people as beggars. S.S has corruption cases worth billions of rupees. Better poor a horse than no horse at all.

Referring to the Pakistan Army, he said that they should not criticize the Pakistan Army in any way. He said that the Pakistan Army has made many sacrifices for the country and the nation. Respect

He further said that external conspiracy is against Pak Army and PTI. A conspiracy is being hatched against Pak Army to divide the people.