Please do not kill the rights of the affected people by honoring the people

Talking to the media regarding the Prime Minister’s Emergency Cash Relief Fund, Sanya Nishtar said that the message can be registered by calling 8171 to receive cash from the Emotion Program and this message service is absolutely free.

He said that once registering with the sensation program will not be repeated, it will inform through the message that when you have to receive the money and those who do not get reply to the message will wait till the date of receipt of the money. Do not leave the house if the message of

The Assistant Special said that it has been reported that in some places Rs. 1000 is being deducted.
 It will be said that before cutting the money, the people who fear Allah will take strong action against those who cut the money and 40 FIRs were arrested for cutting the money till tomorrow.

Sanya Nishtar made it clear that the Emergency Cash Program is meant for the working class and the working class, so please do not make yourself guilty of the rights of the oppressed by messaging the status quo.

He further said that the government was taking every step to help the people and the corrupt elements would be strictly dealt with and no one would be left out.

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