Phenobar 30 mg tablet for nervous disease was declared fake in the developed country.

white and blue medication pill blister pack

According to the details, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has issued a rapid alert regarding the nerve disease drug Phenobar tablet, 3 batches of Phenobar 30 mg tablet available in the market have been declared fake.

Drip Alert states that 3 batches of Phenobar Tablet QA 16, 19 and 25 are fake. Phenobar Tablet 30mg is manufactured by Star Laboratories Lahore.

Provincial drug inspectors obtained samples of Fenobar tablets from the markets.

Drap says that fake medicine can contain psychotropic narcotics and toxic ingredients. Medicine made from fake ingredients can be deadly for humans. Medicine manufactured illegally in substandard environment is extremely dangerous. Use of fake medicine Treatment is also severely affected.

Drap, a rapid alert has been issued for field force civilians and doctors about Phenobar.

DRAP has ordered field force to seize fake batches of Phenobar drug available in the market, chemists to check stock to stop sale of fake batches of Fenobar, DRAP provincial teams to increase surveillance in medicine market and doctors to prescribe Fenobar drug to patients. Do not use fake batches.