Pakistan’s access to the semi-finals is still possible.

Pakistan although it has become a challenging path. Pakistan is currently in the fifth position with 4 points after losing three matches. To qualify for the semi-finals, they need to secure one of the top 4 spots in the group stage.

As you mentioned, the top 4 teams at the end of the group stage will qualify for the semi-finals. With four matches remaining, Pakistan can still make it to the semi-finals, but they must win all of their upcoming matches. Here’s the schedule:

1.Pakistan vs. South Africa on 26 October.

2.Pakistan vs. Bangladesh on 31 October.

3.Pakistan vs. New Zealand on 4 November.

4.Pakistan vs. England on 11 November.

If Pakistan wins all four of these matches, they will accumulate a total of 12 points in the group stage. Whether this is enough to secure a spot in the semi-finals will depend on the performance of other teams as well. It’s important to note that net run rate can also come into play in case of teams having the same number of points, so Pakistan would want to not only win but also aim for convincing victories.

So, while the road to the semi-finals has become more challenging for Pakistan, it’s not impossible, and their fate depends on their performance in the remaining matches and how other teams perform in the tournament.

Cricket fans will be eagerly watching to see if Pakistan can stage a comeback and qualify for the semi-finals.