Pakistani mobile companies looted by the government and ignorant public.

A Pakistani woman from Dubai has sent this message. You can also see it
The mobile phone companies of Pakistan are not thieves and robbers and the people are not oppressed but ignorant who do not challenge them.

Sitting in the car, immediately after making a call, a message came. The phone sent me a message that 15 rupees was deducted for this call, but the strange thing was that the tax was deducted in addition to it. I called the representative. It was 11 rupees call and 4 rupees tax. The representative fooled me and said that you spoke on another network so the call cost and tax amount is more. I asked the representative if I am on Indian network. called?

Or you are not the network of Pakistan. Question after question came to know that 750 rupees tax was deducted from the balance of 3000. .

I was thinking that this country should be taxed twice on the same amount, this country should be a super power because I was using DU and call services for the last 10 years. So 125 dirhams I get along with international 120 minutes free and balance of 100 dirhams is enough for one month while for internet I get unlimited Wi-Fi, 10 GB speed for 30 rupees Pakistan Mobile Companies and Govt. Together, they are robbing the people so badly that there is no example even in the nation of Shoaib.

Let’s run an awareness campaign against mobile companies in the next few days. You can also write and share what I wrote. Make this message as common as possible.