Pakistan is a Beautiful peaceful country.

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A few days ago, I was invited to a dinner in a posh area of Islamabad. During the meal, the host was telling me that I am settled in Canada, my children are here and I am going back after a few days.

I asked why you have settled in Canada despite having so much property and financial comfort in Pakistan?

They said that one is a very advanced country and the other is a calm and peaceful country
I replied that I want a little attention. I said that I remember when the revolution of mobile phones in our country, but the flood and mobile phones also came into the hands of paper pickers, then in Canada only the special and rich people had. was mobile.

At that time, mobile phones were very expensive and our relatives used to pester parents to give us phones too, which proves that we were and are ahead of Canada in this aspect.

I told that when there was a revolution in information technology in Pakistan, Canada was still looking at the path of revolution, when computers reached our common homes, then even at that time, our Canadian relatives had reached special people in Canada. Jalsi felt that computers have become so common in Pakistan and computers have come later in their homes
We are ahead of them in terms of normal line phones and TV channels, they are coming behind us.

I said that as far as peace and tranquility are concerned, they should also listen.

Our cousin in Canada bought a laptop for the kids and put it in the car. They had to go to the store for a while. Read the bar.

They say, keeping this danger in mind, we went for a very short time for 3 to 5 minutes, then when we came back, the incident had already taken place, a laptop had been stolen by breaking the glass.

Now let’s hear the situation of the city of London, which is considered to be the cradle of peace in the world. In 1990, my brother went to London in a gathering of his loved ones and there was talk of local street crimes. There were a total of 15 people out of which 13 people have been living in the UK for a long time.

When these 13 people told their stories, it was found that some incident happened to each of them two or four times. I leave the house with money. If I go around with stuff in a car, it is certain that someone will break the glass and take the stuff.

I got this information in a family meeting around 2000. The next day I went to my class in Gujarkhan College. I asked 60 boys in my class to raise their hands if anything like this happened to you.
But no one raised their hands.

Then he told them that there are 13 people in London, so all of them have had two or four incidents, but here there are 60 people and not a single incident has happened to anyone.
The Canadian host recognized these things and became fantastic.

Today, when our media pursues the project of defaming Pakistan and reports the number of people injured in a family feud by reporting an incident in a village in a remote district as breaking news, then in a sense Pakistan is also It seems to be peaceful that there is peace in 40 districts of Punjab.

There is peace in all the districts of Sindh, only this incident happened in such and such village of such and such district.
The news of these small incidents indicates the peace of the country, just as if there is complete silence in the room, the sound of a pin falling will attract the attention of the people, and if a glass falls on the floor in a noisy factory. It will not be able to attract people’s attention even if it is broken.

Appreciate my countrymen Pakistan.
Love your land
Love your soil
Keep praying for Pakistan.


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