Pakistan Honda CD 70 and Honda 125 motorcycles big drop in prices.

It appears that this information is inaccurate. In reality, prices for these Honda models have not been reduced.

In 2023, all automakers, including Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, increased prices due to the significant depreciation of the local currency. Atlas Honda, in particular, raised bike prices by at least six times, making it more challenging for consumers to afford their cheapest rides.

However, the situation changed as a result of various factors. The State Bank took stern actions against hoarding, and administrative measures were introduced. Additionally, a new economic plan was implemented, leading to a significant recovery of the local currency in the interbank market. As a result, the currency experienced an increase of approximately Rs30, trading at around 275. This recovery influenced the prices of various items, including petrol and auto products.

While it was initially reported that Honda Motorcycle had reduced the prices of their top models, such as the Honda CD 70 and Honda 125, this information turned out to be false.

The prices for these models, as well as others like the Honda CG125, have not been lowered. It is essential to rely on accurate sources for such information to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.

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