Pakistan Air Force released a special promo for 1965 war hero Air Commodore MM Alam.

According to the spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force, MM Alam had accomplished the amazing feat of shooting down 5 Indian Air Force planes in one minute during the 1965 war. Whereas a total of 9 Indian aircraft were destroyed in the 11-day war and this is a record that is unbeaten till date.

Pakistan Air Force pilot Meynaz Hawabaz flying his F-86 aircraft destroyed 5 Indian fighter jets in less than a minute and destroyed a total of 9 Indian jets in the 11-day war, which is an unbeaten record till date. Is. In recognition of his heroic services, the Government of Pakistan awarded him the Star of Courage twice.

It may be remembered that MM Alam, nicknamed Little Dragon, was born on July 6, 1935 in Calcutta, which was then a part of British India, in an educated family. Alam was the eldest of five brothers and six sisters.

He joined the Pakistan Air Force in 1951, received his commission in the Pakistan Air Force on October 2, 1953, and in 1954 Pilot Officer MM Alam started his career in No. 19 Squadron.