ISLAMABAD The New Zealand cricket team has reached Pakistan after 18 years.

Newzealand team has reached after 18 years in pakistan.

Kiwis Team have reached Islamabad on a chartered flight BG 4031 from Dhaka.
After quarantining at the hotel for one day, they will start training from September 13. The New Zealand cricket team has an inter-squad match schedule on September 15.

The first match of the three-match ODI series will be played on September 17 at the Pindi Cricket Stadium.

A day ago, match officials were appointed for the Pakistan New Zealand series. Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza will officiate in the New Zealand series. Asif Yaqub, Faisal Afridi, Rashid Riaz and Shozaib Raza will also officiate.

On September 1 PCB announced the Pakistani squad. Squad Announced includes Babar Azam (captain), Shadab Khan (vice-captain), Abdullah Shafiq and Imam-ul-Haq. Haris Rauf Hassan Ali Fakhr Zaman Fahim Ashraf Khushdal Shah Iftikhar Ahmad Wicketkeeper Mohammad Haris Wicketkeeper Mohammad Hasnain Mohammad Nawaz Mohammad Waseem Jr. Shakeel saudi Shaheen Shah Afridi Shahnawaz Dhani Usman Qadir and Zahid Mahmood.


Islamabad government decides to vaccinate 15-year-old children against corona.

Govt decides to vaccinate 15- year old children against covid-19

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has approved vaccination of 15 to 18 year olds. According to health ministry sources, vaccination of 15 to 18 year olds will start from September 13.
Children of this age will be vaccinated with Pfizer corona vaccine. Form B will be used for vaccination of children. At present, corona vaccination is being carried out for 17 to 18 year olds across the country.

Earlier this month, the NCOC issued revised vaccination guidelines for people under the age of 18, stating that 12- to 17-year-olds with weakened immune systems would be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Individuals with a weakened immune system must present proof of a medical certificate.
So far, 20 million people in Pakistan have been fully vaccinated.


The story of the Thar Desert.

The history of the desert

Ashfaq Ahmed Sahib says that he had set up camp at some place in the Thar Desert in Sindh.

Among them was a teenage boy, fifteen or sixteen years old, carrying a basket of watermelons on his head, and behind him a little girl, five or six years old, walking.
When I asked, I found out that my parents were dead, so this boy sells watermelons and sometimes melons in other settlements and also keeps his sister with him. He does not leave home alone.

One morning Ashfaq Sahib called her and asked her to tell her one thing. Will be in your mind

The boy’s response was that he had a liver transplant
You know, sir, the heat is intense and the sun rains fire. When I walk with a basket on my head, my shadow becomes bigger, including the basket. I want this daughter of my parents to stay in my shadow and walk in my shadow Stay out of the sun.

Ashfaq Ahmed says that the tears did not stop and sighs came out
After hearing these words of that desert child, this illiterate young boy had explained in these two sentences the rights of sisters, the protection of children, the protection of orphans and the value of humanity.

(Qadir Mustafaee)


Facebook has introduced new smart glasses.

Facebook has Introduced smart glasses.

According to the company, there are five megapixel cameras on either side of the lens, which can be used to take pictures and videos.
Music can be listened to through smart glasses while phone calls are also available. Glasses weighing 50 grams can be charged from a case made of pure leather.

Equipped with facial recognition, the Smart Glasses database allows you to identify the person in front of you and access his or her other information. Glasses also have a belt-in camera.

The critics say it will give people the power to harass others by obtaining personal information, but company management says it is reviewing legal aspects of the security issue. The glasses cost 50,000 Pakistani rupees. Makes more than Rs.


Singer Humaira Chana’s mother passed away

Famous singer Humera chana mother passed away.

Humaira Chana’s mother was ill for a long time. Singer Naseebo Lal Humaira Arshad Tarnam Naz Hadiqa Kayani Saira Naseem Abrar-ul-Haq Jawad Ahmed Hamid Ali Khan Anwar Rafi Arif Lohar and other artists were deeply saddened by the death of Humaira Chana’s mother. What an expression of grief.


China hints at recognizing new Taliban government in Afghanistan.

China hints to Recognized New Taliban govt in afghanistan.

“We respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and will maintain relations with the new Afghan government,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, according to a foreign news agency. The establishment of an interim government is a necessary step for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan and should be commended.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Afghanistan’s interim government would listen to people of all races and groups and prove by its actions that they live up to the aspirations of their people and the expectations of the international community.

On the other hand, Japan has also announced to continue talks with the Taliban. A spokesman for the Japanese government said that they are observing the actions of the Taliban.


Lahore actress Saba Qamar and singer bilal Saeed have been issued arrest warrants.

Saba qamar and bilal Saeed have been issued arrest warrants

Actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed have been issued bailable arrest warrants in the case of shooting and video recording of songs at Masjid Wazir Khan. The accused in the case are accused of desecrating the mosque.

The prosecution, Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed danced in Wazir Khan Mosque and made a video of the accused.

It may be recalled that actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed are on trial for allegedly shooting video in the mosque. A case has been registered against the actress and singer at Akbari police station in Lahore on the complaint of Farhat Manzoor Khan was done.


Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi.

Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi.

A few months after the end of the 1965 war, an elderly Pakistani was sitting in silence in Madinah, silently shedding tears, looking at the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Instructor Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi was the father of Sitara-e-Jarat.

Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi’s tank was hit by an enemy cannon, from which he was martyred. When asked about any of his wishes, he expressed his desire for Umrah, which Ayub Khan immediately accepted.
Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi, the father of Sitara-e-Jarat, was shedding tears while sitting in front of the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The father of Major Abbasi Shaheed inquired about the Custodian of Masjid-e-Nabawi and said that he came from Pakistan. Are there?
On this the father of the martyr said in surprise that yes I am the father of this martyr.

Upon hearing this, Khadim Khas, full of joy and happiness, came forward and hugged him loudly and kissed him and said, “Stop here, I will come back in a while.” He fed his family with great respect and dignity. Everyone in the house treated him with great respect and dignity.

Major Abbasi Shaheed’s father was very surprised that O Allah what is this matter? I don’t even know them, but for the first time in my life I have come to Saudi Arabia.
That Khadim Khas Roza Rasool (peace be upon him) kissed his hands once again and while removing the surprise of Shaheed Abbasi’s father said that when the war between Pakistan and India was going on, on the night of September 11, I had a dream. I saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sitting with his glorious Companions.

A few moments later, Hazrat Ali (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) came to the place carrying a corpse in his hands. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to his companions: They have been fighting against the infidels.
The servants of the Prophet’s Mosque say that the Messenger of Allah
Everyone, including the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), offered his funeral prayers and ordered that he be buried in Janat al-Baqi.

On the same day, a new war anthem was being aired on Radio Pakistan.
Go whatever
After drinking the cup of martyrdom, you may have been taken in the arms of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Ali will be swinging at your martyrdom.

Excerpt from Munir Ahmed Baloch’s column one and one published in the daily Dunya on August 27, 2013.


Islamabad Naval Day is being celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country today.

8 September pakistan Naval day

Message in this on the occasion of Naval Day, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi said that September 8, Naval Day is a great and memorable our national day in history which reminds us of the everlasting sacrifices and passions of Pakistan Navy veterans.

The Chief of Naval Staff said that in Operation Somnath, the ships had attacked the Indian port of Dwarka. The Pakistan Navy had destroyed the Indian radar station and reduced the pride of the enemy to dust.

He said that Ghazi, the only submarine of Pakistan Navy, kept the entire Indian Navy confined in the port and Pakistan Navy is recognized as a strong naval force in the region.

The Chief of Naval Staff further said that Pakistan Navy is ensuring peace and stability in the world waters and today the officers of Pakistan Navy, CPOs, sailors and civilians have given their last breath in case of invincible defense of the country and any aggression. Pledge to be steadfast to the last drop of blood.

Every year is Celebrated 8 Septembe as Navy Day to commemorate the great performance of the Pakistan Navy in the September War. In the war, the Air Force and the Air Force performed their duty of defending the homeland to the fullest, but September 8 was named after the Pakistan Navy. Day is celebrated.


Rawalpindi High level appointments and transfers in the Pakistan Army.

High level appointments and transfers in pakistan army.

Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), high level appointments and transfers have been made in the Pakistan Army. Lieut General Muhammad Chirag Haider has been posted as Corps Commander Multan.

ISPR said that Lieut General Sahir Shamshad Mirza Corps Commander Rawalpindi Lieut General Azhar Abbas has been appointed as Chief of General Staff while Liet General Muhammad Waseem Ashraf has been appointed as Director General Joint Staff Headquarters.