OpenAI has introduced the new valuable Stunning version of ChatGPT.

a computer generated image of a ball of string

With OpenAI’s Chatbot “ChatGPT,” already benefiting users worldwide, now its fastest version yet, “GPT-4 Omni or GPT-4 O,” is here.

It’s a chatbot based on artificial intelligence technology that promises to answer your various questions using artificial intelligence.

Additionally, it has the capability to understand commands from the image present through the camera besides audio and text-based conversation.

Users can now access this more powerful and improved ChatGPT 4 O for free, which was previously available for $20 per month.

The company says that this new model of ChatGPT, GPT-4 Turbo, is twice as fast and 50% cheaper than GPT-3.

Furthermore, the astonishing thing is that this version of ChatGPT will be available in 50 languages.

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