On the 16th day of the 1965 war, India suffered heavy losses of tanks and armored vehicles.

On September 16, the day of the 1965 war, Indonesia exposed the plan of the Indian Defense Minister to massacre in Occupied Kashmir.

The Indonesian news organization “Antra” revealed the Muslim-killing Indian plan. On the 16th day of the 1965 war, India suffered a heavy loss of tanks and armored vehicles, and in addition to the loss of heavy equipment, the number of casualties of the Indian army reached 6889. arrived

China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand expressed solidarity with Pakistan and strongly condemned Indian aggression.

On the Sialkot-Jammu front, Pakistan Air Force repulsed the enemy attack and destroyed 36 Indian tanks.

Pushing them within 12 miles of the Indian border, the Pakistan Army captured an area of 6 miles and took complete control of the Rajouri sector while inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy.

The Pakistan Navy also gained complete control over the Arabian Sea and stopped the movement of the Indian Navy, while the Saber jets of the Pakistan Air Force shot down 2 hunters of the Indian Air Force over the Beas River.

Pakistan Air Force conducted successful operations in Sialkot, Jammu, Wagah, Attari Khemkaran and Gudro sectors. The fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force destroyed 20 Indian tanks, several military vehicles and gun positions.

The war of 1965 is full of innumerable incidents of love and devotion of the nation to its forces. People from all walks of life of the country gave generous donations and provided financial assistance to the Defense Fund.

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