On May 14th, if there is no election in Punjab, they will protest on the streets.

In support of the Constitution and the Supreme Court, PTI took out rallies in various cities of the country, while Imran Khan led the rally in Lahore, during which he addressed the participants and said that he will hold rallies from next week to May 14. But if elections are not held in Punjab, they will be on the streets.

Imran Khan said that they tried to kill me twice, I will not breathe until the elections are held, no one cares about the murderous attacks on us, the nation is losing, the PDM government does not care.

Before leaving for the rally, Imran Khan said in his video message that for the sake of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice, come out of your homes. When the constitution ends, the future of the country ends. It has to be said that you stand with the Chief Justice and the Constitution.

In the rallies, PTI workers held placards in protest and expressed solidarity with the judiciary. The participants raised slogans in favor of the judiciary while raising slogans against the PDM government.

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