On March 9, India violated Pakistan’s borders with DG ISPR.

The DG ISPR, in a press conference with an Air Force officer, said that a suspicious object had entered Pakistani territory from neighboring India on March 9, which was monitored by the Pakistan Air Force.

The Chief of Public Relations of the Pakistan Army condemned the interference in Pakistan by the Indian border and said that only India can tell what were the motives behind the violation of the Pakistani border.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said that if anything enters Pakistan’s territory or any violation occurs, the Pakistan Army is ready and ready to respond.

He confirmed that there was no loss of life or property due to the Indian violation and the Air Force monitored the whole matter.

On the political question, the Pakistan Army has once again made it clear that the state institution has nothing to do with politics. Unnecessary rumors should not be spread in this regard and unnecessary discussions should not be held.

In response to a question, he clarified that he has already made it clear that the Pakistan Army has nothing to do with politics.

I made it clear in my last press conference that the military has nothing to do with politics and that is and will be.

He said that he would request that no unnecessary rumors be spread in this regard and no unnecessary discussion be held. This is good for all of us.

In response to another question of interference in politics, he said that the answer of those who talk of interference should also be sought from them and proof should be sought from them and if anyone speaks then he should have proof of it.

Responding to a question on the current political situation in the country, he said that he did not want to talk about political issues.