Now one charger will be used for all mobile phones.

At present, different standards are used for charging in smartphones, such as microUSB or USBC port in Android phones, while lightning connectors are used in Apple’s iPhones.

All smartphone and small electronic device manufacturers will be forced to provide a uniform charging facility after the European Commission approves the new law.

The EU initiative aims to reduce waste and encourage consumers to use old chargers when buying new devices.
All mobiles in the EU under the new law
The use of a single charging port for phones, tablets and cameras will be mandatory and this restriction will be applied in 2024, it will affect the iPhone maker Apple more.

In the recent meeting of the European Union, the legislators supported these reforms with a clear majority, 602 votes were in favor of the above proposal and only 13 votes were against.

The European Commission says that the European Commission will save 250 million euros on the approval of the single charger law.

Regarding this important change, it was being discussed on the relevant forums for the past several years, which came under discussion after the complaints made by the iPhone and Android users.

Every year fifty-one thousand chargers become useless because most of the chargers are branded, so when people buy new mobile phones, they also have to change the chargers.