Not only will their distrust fail, God willing, the Prime Minister will also lose the 2023 election.

Addressing the Overseas Convention of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he was thankful to the opposition parties for forgetting the prices of tomatoes and onions.

He said that a plan is made by man and a plan is made by Allah. Those who were crying for inflation suddenly forgot about inflation. I was under the misconception that maybe the nation will stand with them but they do not know the Pakistani nation.

Imran Khan said that Fazlur Rehman was named by Diesel PML-N. Asif Zardari made Hudabia Mills case against Nawaz Sharif.

The Prime Minister said that today Pakistan Army is the most powerful army in the world and if Pakistan Army was not strong then today the country would have been divided into three parts.

He said that he knows Indians very well and they are against Modi’s policies. He prayed that the right leadership would come to India to give equal rights to Muslims.

He said that the opposition would sell the country to save their money. Overseas Pakistanis are saddened when a leader steals money and sends it abroad.

The Prime Minister said that the United States does not allow bombings and drones in our country and drone attacks on our country in which so many innocent people were killed while the rulers did not say anything who are slaves of money. I am not against the United States, Britain and India. I am not against any country but against its policies.

He further said that overseas is an asset of Pakistani country. I want overseas to invest in Pakistani country that is why they have been given tax exemption for five years.