North Korea imposes first corona case emergency.

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According to the news agency, North Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has not been vaccinated and the confirmation of a new variant of Corona has raised fears of a crisis. However, now that the Corona cases have come to light, a lockdown has been imposed across the country.

Authorities have confirmed that several people in Pyongyang have been infected with the new strain of the omega-3 virus BA2, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported today without elaborating on the number of confirmed cases.

In this regard, the state broadcaster said that the biggest emergency in the country has occurred in front of our emergency quarantine which has been kept safe since February 2020, he added that the epidemic in Pyongyang has increased. Attempts are being made to control more than.

Presiding over an emergency meeting on the spread of the corona epidemic, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said immediate and effective measures would be taken to prevent the spread of the corona.

It should be noted that North Korea sealed its land borders in January 2020 and was one of the few countries in the world that did not report the outbreak of COVID-19 but officially due to its long border with China. Doubts were expressed over the figures reported.

The first suspected case of corona virus was reported in North Korea on July 26, 2020.

North Korea does not have the corona vaccine because Kim Jong Un’s government has repeatedly rejected the World Health Organization’s offer of the corona vaccine to a population of 25 million. It is a sign of seriousness, but not necessarily a sign that leader Kim Jong Un will be ready for outside help.

Lev Eric Easley, a professor at Eva University in Seoul, says the situation could lead to a severe lockdown in Pyongyang. Will not work against type.

North Korea is facing internal challenges and the country is entering a period of uncertainty due to its isolation internationally.

Experts say North Korea’s dilapidated health system will struggle to contain a major virus outbreak.

Vaccination rates in South Korea, on the other hand, are excellent, and sanctions have recently been eased in South Korea, while the number of cases of omekron has dropped sharply in March.

North Korea’s neighbor China, which still maintains a zero COVID policy, has been under heavy lockdown for several weeks in major Chinese cities, including the capital, Shanghai.