New York US medical experts experiment with another drug to cure the corona virus

According to an international media report, US experts developed a drug called remodeled sew to get rid of the Corona virus, which was tested on monkeys who were infected with the new type of Corona virus.

Experts say the drug experiment was very successful Preliminary results indicate that tests on sick monkeys showed positive drug effects and monkeys started to recover.

According to a statement issued by the US National Institutes of Health, the drug produced for the anti-viral drug has had positive clinical results, which is encouraging for all of us. And the lungs that affected them became even better.

According to the statement, the drug is being monitored by the National Institutes of Health (IHD) because the drug has not been formally approved so it has not been tested on humans.

Experts say that the drug completely destroys or destroys the virus after entering the human body. The drug was created by researchers at the medical research institute Gilead Sciences.
Remember that the number of people affected by the Corona virus outbreak exceeds 22 million worldwide. In many countries, including Pakistan, pharmaceuticals are in the process of treating the disease.