Needle and scissors.

Mothers play the biggest role in letting their daughters stay at home and not letting them stay at home.

It is better to let the daughter fully adapt to the environment of the in-laws than telling her family tips and teaching her to rule the in-laws. Let the mother-in-law so that she can set the daughter-in-law in her house in the new days.

Don’t find bugs in their house customs After all you have chosen the best family after a lot of care from the relationships to come, now don’t find bugs in their ways with a microscope nor their house problems in the background of your house. I try to solve it.

Don’t prefer McKay’s ways. Daughter has to stay permanently in this house now, so let her learn there ways and make her own place while she was with you. Has taught him to be a needle or scissors in training, this will tell his answer paper.

Don’t make her chat as an aid or provide objective bots with your phone calls. Let the daughter tick the yes and no options herself.