Nawab Atta Muhammad Khan.

He was not only the Nawab of Jadi Pashti, but also the son-in-law of the Nawab of Kala Bagh.

He became a gold medalist in the graduation from Oxford, then he reached the convocation in the same condition.

If you want to wear this, then you will not be allowed to come to the dice and take the gold medal from the Queen.


So don’t give the gold medal, but the dress will remain the same.

During the ceremony, when his name was called among the students receiving medals, he stood up on his seat and addressed the Queen and said:
I am here at the venue but the management says don’t come to the dais in your national dress.

Queen Elizabeth replied

If this is the principle of the university, then I will come to the venue and give you the gold medal.

And so the Queen came to her seat to give the gold medal to the student Atta Muhammad Khan
Ever since we left our traditions, we are constantly going towards destruction. Mental slaves, learn something from the late Nawab Atta Muhammad Khan, who passed away last year at the age of eighty-one. May Allah forgive him and raise his ranks. Amen
God knows

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