Most Valuable Stunning of facial intelligence AI.

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AI facial intelligence (AI) technology is being used in various fields, and users on social media are also quite engaged with it.

But no one would have thought that AI technology would lead to a beauty competition between avatars of women.

Yes, indeed, for the first time in the real world, an AI Miss World beauty competition is being organized.

The purpose of this competition is to showcase the advancement of AI technology while also reviving the format of traditional beauty pageants.

This competition is being organized by the company Fanvue, which has allocated a prize amount of $20,000.

Women’s digital avatars engaged on social media will participate in this competition.

The selection of successful avatars in the competition will consider beauty, online presence, and the ability to use AI tools.

The company expects multiple entries for the competition and states that expected contestants will have to submit a digitally created image using AI and answer various questions.

According to the company, 10 digital avatars will be selected for the final competition, out of which 3 will be declared winners.

A prize of $5,000 is set for the avatar that comes in first place, along with inclusion in a program valued at $3,000.

Two of the judges in the competition are AI models Aitana Lopez and Emily Pelligrini, who also receive modeling work from various brands.

The AI Miss AI announcement will be made on May 10th.

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