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Mission Statement.

The Film Enthusiasts Club aims to create a vibrant community for individuals passionate about cinema. Our mission is to provide a platform for weekly film screenings and engaging discussions, fostering a shared love for diverse cinematic experiences.


Weekly Screenings.

Organize and host screenings of a variety of films, spanning different genres, cultures, and time periods.

Inclusive Community.

Foster an inclusive environment that welcomes diverse perspectives and encourages open-minded discussions.

Analysis and Critique.

Facilitate post-screening discussions where members can analyze and critique films, sharing insights and interpretations.

Educational Events.

Arrange occasional events such as guest lectures, workshops, or film-related activities to enhance members’ understanding of cinema.


Explore opportunities for collaboration with other clubs, organizations, or local businesses to enrich the film-related experiences for our members.


Open Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in cinema, regardless of their level of expertise.

Regular Attendance.

Members are encouraged to attend weekly screenings and discussions to actively contribute to the club’s vibrant atmosphere.


Utilize a designated platform (e.g., online forums, social media) for efficient communication regarding club activities, updates, and member contributions.


Executive Committee Establish an executive committee responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating club activities.

Transparent Decision-Making.

Ensure transparent decision-making processes within the executive committee, considering the input of club members.


Budgeting Develop a budget to cover screening licenses, venue costs, and any other necessary expenses.


Explore fundraising opportunities, such as partnerships, sponsorships, or club events, to support the financial needs of the club.


Review Periodically Periodically review and amend the charter as needed, ensuring its relevance to the evolving needs and preferences of the Film Enthusiasts Club.
By joining the Film Enthusiasts Club, members agree to abide by this charter and actively contribute to the club’s mission of celebrating and exploring the world of cinema.

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