Most The Delight Stunning Valuable Forest Faloda.

Although the city of Quaid is renowned for its variety of foods and places to eat, including Burns Road, Bahadurabad, and Food Streets like Do Darya, where biryani, nihari, fruit chaat, and more are famous, there is another place in Liyari where people come to satisfy their craving for delicious food, and its most famous item is the Sweet Forest Faloda.

During the month of Ramadan, in the bazaar of Chaki wara in Liyari, a special falooda is prepared for fasting people, known as the Sweet Forest Faloda.

This faloda is prepared right by the roadside. It includes evaporated milk, pistachio ice cream, vermicelli, almonds, pistachios, jelly, basil seeds, chocolate, and other fruits, which enhance its nutritional value and taste.

Not only the residents of the area but also a large number of people from other areas come to buy Sweet Forest Falooda, but due to its quick depletion, many people leave empty-handed.

The popularity of Sweet Forest Falooda can be well estimated by the fact that it is sold out in just over half an hour, with more than ten servings being sold.