Most recent costs of Honda CG 125 in Pakistan.

Following are the most recent costs of Honda CG 125 bike in Pakistan. The Honda CG 125 is a famous bike model in Pakistan and has been generally utilized for a long time. It is known for its dependability, sturdiness, and eco-friendliness, going with it a favored decision for day to day driving and general transportation.

Throughout the long term, the Honda CG 125 has gone through a few updates and enhancements, remembering changes for configuration, elements, and innovation. Nonetheless, it has kept up with its standing as a dependable and efficient bike.

Accessible outside tones:

Honda CG 125 is accessible in outside tones including red and dark.


The ex-production line cost of Honda CG 125 is Rs229,900.

The ex-production line cost of Honda CG 125SE is Rs275,900.


Honda CG 125 offers a 4-stroke 125cc OHV (Above Valve) air-cooled motor. It has an uprooting of 124.1 cm3, which alludes to the complete volume of the relative multitude of chambers consolidated. The drag and stroke of the motor are estimated at 56.5 x 49.5 mm, showing the measurement and length of the chamber. With a pressure proportion of 9.0:1, this motor proficiently packs the air-fuel blend before start, improving its presentation and eco-friendliness. The transmission framework is a 5-speed steady lattice, considering smooth changing between gears.

The Honda CG 125 offers launch while the Honda CG 125SE offers accommodation of both self-start and launch choices, giving adaptability in turning over the motor.

The cruiser’s tank offers petroleum limit of 9.2 liters (counting a save of 2 liters), the Honda CG 125 offers adequate fuel for broadened rides.


With regards to aspects, the Honda CG 125 measures 1912 x 727 x 1029 mm (length x width x level), giving a conservative yet agreeable size. The wheelbase, estimating 1204 mm, adds to solidness and mobility. The front tire is measured at 2.50 – 18 (4 PR), demonstrating a width of 2.50 inches and a breadth of 18 inches, while the rear wheel is 3.00 – 17 (6 PR), marginally more extensive with a breadth of 17 inches. For a smooth ride, the front suspension comprises of an adjustable fork with 103 mm of movement, successfully retaining knocks and lopsided territory. The back suspension is a swing arm with 68 mm of movement, giving further solace and soundness. The dry load of the vehicle is 100 kg, showing its weight with next to no liquids or extra freight.


Honda CG 125 highlights a smooth and immortal plan that consolidates current components with exemplary feel. Its general appearance radiates a feeling of liveliness and strength. The body of the

cruiser is proportional and smoothed out, with clean lines and smooth shapes that upgrade its visual allure.

At the front, the CG 125 grandstands an in vogue fog light with a strong and rakish plan. It gives more than adequate brightening to clear perceivability while adding a dash of hostility to the front profile. The front bumper supplements the general look with its streamlined shape, productively avoiding soil and garbage.

Moving towards the midriff, the gas tank displays a well proportioned structure that flawlessly incorporates with the rider’s seating position. It offers an ergonomic plan that guarantees solace during long rides. The tank is embellished with the notorious Honda logo, representing the brand’s dependability and quality craftsmanship.

The seat of the CG 125 is very much cushioned and molded, offering ideal help for the rider and traveler. It is intended to oblige different body types and riding positions, guaranteeing an agreeable encounter even on broadened ventures. The back part of the bike is minimized at this point practical, including a smooth taillight and back bumper that impeccably mix with the general plan.

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