Misunderstandings were created against the institutions of the former government, Sheikh Rashid.

In an interview with the American Broadcasting Corporation, Sheikh Rashid said that something happened that left the coalition parties and joined the opposition.

Sheikh Rashid said that Imran Khan was ready to hold talks with the government for early elections.

Ex interior minister said that the PTI’s long march towards Islamabad was not aimed at enforcing martial law in the country. Ex PM Imran Khan was going to gather millions of people in Islamabad.

Sheikh Rashid said that in such a case the country will go into a state of uncertainty. There may be a civil war. I have spent many years in jail in false cases in the past.

He said that the participants of the long march would not return from Islamabad without the date of general elections. He said that Imran Khan would not want confrontation with the institutions.

Sheikh Rashid said that he intended to retire from politics but now he will participate in the elections at the request of Imran Khan.

Ex interior minister said that he was in favor of reconciliation with the army and was not in favor of fighting.

He said that he had no role in Masjid-e-Nabawi incident. People hate the present rulers.