Medical experts have revealed that the virus can transmit the virus to humans

Medical and research experts are investigating the causes of the virus transfer, before experts have shown that the virus can also be transmitted through piles, handles, cardboard boxes, currency, ATM machines, toilet water.

Nowadays, experts have discovered another cause of the spread of the Corona virus, saying even in the soles of shoes and shoes, the Corona virus can survive for up to five days.

According to British experts, the virus in slippers and shoes can last for five or more days, and in the meantime, when used by someone, they may be infected.

Experts said the virus has the ability to survive in all kinds of shoes and slippers, including clothing, rubber and leather, so be sure to clean it well before use.

Doctors say the shoelaces are the safest place for the virus because there are already bacteria in it.

Earlier, a research study was conducted at the University of Arizona in 2008, which found that the soles of the shoe contain 4 million 21 thousand bacteria and millions of viruses simultaneously.

Remember, experts have also previously stated that the Corona virus survives for several hours in the open air and on various metals or objects for three to five days.