Maya Ali became the latest Pakistani celebrity to offer a Golden visa by the UAE government.

The United Arab Emirates government launched the golden visa scheme in 2019. Visas were issued for five or 10 years to attract rich and highly skilled people by offering the first long -term residential visa of its kind in the Middle East. Is and becomes automatically renewed.

Maya went to Instagram to share the news in which she is holding a visa with a UAE official.

I am very grateful for getting my Golden Visa. It is an honor to me. He wrote in caption. Special thanks to @MuhammadMoazzamqueshi1

Without the need for a foreign national sponsor with the Golden Visa and 100% of any business on the UAE land can live in the United Arab Emirates, work and get education.

Other visa -seeking personalities include Humayun Saeed, Fakhr Alam, Sana Javed and her husband Amir Jaswal.

Receiving international stars the dignified Golden Visa include Cristiano Ronaldo, Shah Rukh Khan Sanjay Dutt Sunil Shetty, etc.

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