Masks and gloves increase the risk of corona, research

Paris: French medical and research experts have revealed that surgical masks and gloves do not protect anyone from the Crohn’s virus, but can cause the virus to spread.

French experts conducted studies to deal with the Corona virus epidemic during which victims’ data and other data were collected.

Experts warn that using masks or gloves increases the risk of becoming infected rather than preventing the virus.

Medical experts say that people who use masks to protect against the virus are their invention, although the chances of contaminating the mask are very high. In the light of the research, experts commented that wearing gloves to prevent the virus is of no use if people refrain from touching their face.

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Experts say microbes enter the mask and gloves after wandering in the affected area or when exposed, and when used, they can enter the human body.

Experts advise that gloves cannot be used for clean hands, so citizens should wash their hands with sterile soap or something every once in awhile, even if they use masks or gloves when needed.

In the wake of the Corona virus, the lockdown situation is in European countries Italy, Spain and France, the World Health Organization called Europe the center of Code 19, and China has the highest number of deaths in Italy.

According to the news agency, a further 475 people were killed in 24 hours from the Coronavirus in Italy, after which the death toll rose to 2,978. According to the report, the number of patients in Italy has reached 35,713 after the cases reported today.

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The precautionary measures issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) have urged the public to repeatedly wash hands, avoid touching their face, reduce social contact and keep distance. ۔

WHO experts say that masks should only be used in affected countries if you or another person is infected with the virus, so do not necessarily leave the home to protect yourself.