LONDON (Reuters A trial of the COVID 19 vaccine on humans has begun at Oxford University in the United Kingdom

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According to the details, the testing phase of the vaccine on humans has started from today in three institutions simultaneously for which 500 people between the ages of 18 and 55 have been selected after rigorous screening.

These people have volunteered their services by submitting an online application. The test participants are required to be completely healthy and not have any symptoms of allergic cancer or corona virus at all. Should

The researchers plan to register more than 1,000 people for the test, who will be divided into two groups and given different types of vaccines.

Participants in the trial will be called to the research center several times and will be provided with up to 25 625 for travel expenses as well as other expenses.

Oxford University and Imperial College have approved an additional مل 41 million in funding for corona vaccine research to ensure that the vaccine research phase is completed as soon as possible.

Both research teams are working hard and enthusiastically.

In this regard, Health Secretary Matt Hann Cock said in a media briefing that all resources will be used for successful research and investment in vaccine manufacturing will also be increased.

He said that he would use all the resources to be called the first country in the invention of vaccine while it has been claimed that one million doses of vaccine will be prepared by next September.

On the other hand, a person who volunteered for a corona virus vaccine trial has expressed concern that he may experience side effects after the trial.

Speaking on the morning show, Simon Courty said he felt like he could have a fever when the vaccine was tested today.

They say the harmful health effects of vaccination can be mild or severe, with a few days of fever and a headache as well as a cough.

Simon Corty thinks he may be suffering from the flu and pain in various organs when tested for the corona vaccine.

Mr Courtney said he was one of hundreds of volunteers who took part in the trial to see if the University of Oxford trial was safe. Can be used to