Lockdown was approved until april 30

According to the details of the Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, a meeting of the six-point agenda was reviewed in the meeting.

Sanya Nishtar gave briefing on the Emotion Cash Transfer program while the briefing of the increase in EBI pension was postponed.

The Federal Cabinet endorsed the decisions of the National Liaison Committee and the previous meetings of the Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee, while the administrative control of the bird zoo was approved to be handed over to the Ministry of Environmental Change.

The federal cabinet approved the approval of advance income tax exemption on emergency emergency cash transfers and the termination of the brand on Corona’s preventive caution imports.

The meeting considered 2 suggestions regarding the extension of lockdown, suggesting that the lockdown be extended to April 21 or April 28.

After that, the Federal Cabinet approved to increase the lockdown by April 30, while the final approval would be given at the National Liaison Committee meeting.