lesson and example.

A wise man had two daughters, one was married to a farmer and the other daughter was married to a potter (potter). After a year, that person goes to their villages and cities to find out about the status of their daughters.

The daughter who is married to a farmer welcomes her father cheerfully, when asked about his well-being and livelihood, he tells her that they have bought borrowed seeds and settled the fields, now they are waiting for rain, if it rains, consider it a mercy. Otherwise trouble and trouble.

After leaving there, they reach the potter’s wife. The daughter welcomes her father very well. When asked about her well-being and livelihood, she tells that she has made some pots with great effort and kept them in the sun to dry. Now it has not rained. So the grace of Allah, if it rains, then trouble and trouble.

The person reaches home, Begum is worried about the condition of both the daughters, they reply that

Praise be to Allah if it rains and praise be to Allah if it does not rain.

What is suitable for you is not necessarily suitable for others and what is not suitable for you is not necessarily suitable for others.

This is the world, it is like that, so thank Allah in every situation.

Translated from Arabic