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Lahore famous actor Abbas Mahra Khan caused a lot of abuse on social media.


Jan 20, 2022 ,

Actor Ali Abbas recently participated in an online show where the host asked him if he has ever been trolled on social media to which Ali Abbas replied he had gets a lot of abuse on social media because of Mahira Khan.

Ali Abbas said that a picture of Mahira Khan appeared on social media without a dupatta while Mahira Khan was fully clothed. Her dress was not inappropriate at all due to which she was criticized but still There was a lot of criticism on her and there was a lot noise of on social media as to why Mahira Khan came without Dupatta.

So I wrote a thing in favor of Mahira Khan on social media with her picture. If she is not wearing dupatta then let’s stop watching but I got a lot of abuse on social media for supporting Mahira Khan.

Ali Abbas said that people criticized me so much and insulted me in a way that no one has ever done in my life. I felt very bad about the attitude of the people.


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