Know if there is life then there is world.

smiling woman standing near another woman beside mammogram machine

Nazia, a 28-year-old M.Phil Sociology student, felt while taking a bath that there was a lump in her breast. When she touched it, it felt like a lump, but there was no particular pain. She thought she would discuss it with her mother in a few weeks. I did not remember in the carelessness.

One day, while taking a bath, I noticed it again, so I consulted my mother about it. She said, if there is any pain or discomfort, we will show it to the doctor. She also advised the doctor that if the problem seems to be more, tie an onion and recite the wazifa. It will dissolve on its own. For a few weeks, she recited Wazifa and tied the onions and massaged them lightly with olive oil as if Nazia convinced herself psychologically that the size of the swelling had reduced with the tips. Satisfied Abhar remained in place Silent The complete silence before the coming of a storm like pain or pain.

Six months passed like this, Nazia forgot that she had a swelling in one breast, now Nazia felt a strange pain in her right arm as if someone was trying to make a hole in her bone. There was relief, but as soon as the medicine was stopped, the pain intensified again.

Finally, I consulted a nearby doctor. He said that she is a young girl. What should she do? Calcium and vitamin D were prescribed. She also prescribed a sharp painkiller injection and gave pills. She got temporary relief again, but as soon as the course of medicine was over, then the same thing. The tension started.

Now Nazia got worried that why this pain is not going away, she asked her doctor friend to get an x-ray from the government hospital. You showed her at the Cancer Outdoor and that’s how my first meeting with Nazia was arranged.

Nazia greeted me while holding the x-ray and said that she has a complaint of pain in the arm bone, instead of asking about the bone after seeing the x-ray, I asked her, do you feel any guilt somewhere in the body, to which she replied that Yes, there was just a little bump in the breast but it got better with the zaifa and massage but it is still a little bit. As soon as I checked the little bump, the alarm started ringing. It was an aggressive breast cancer which had spread not only to the bones, but also to the liver, lungs and adrenal glands.

The duration of Nazia’s treatment was about eighteen months. She spent the last four months of her life in great pain. She wanted and wanted to live, but the decision of fate was something else.

Perhaps there are many nazis around us because one out of every nine women suffers from it in her life. If you catch this disease, there are good chances of eradicating it by the grace of Allah. If you are female and have any of the symptoms shown in the picture, get checked by a doctor immediately.

If you are a man, then inform all the women around your house that they should not consider the shame of hesitation and sexual desire as more valuable than life and health.