Khan Sahib, you are the axis of hope of this nation.

Today I would like to say some bitter things to you. I hope you will read all the things with patience

The main reason for the defeat of PTI in KP local body elections is to ignore the ideological workers of the party and give tickets to para shooters and advocates. They are sinking their fleet by following the advice of the black sheep sitting beside you. Please recognize the enemies sitting beside you. Do not ignore your ideological workers by following their advice. There is still time. Khan Sahib Keep a close eye

All the MNAs and MPA advisors of PTI have built their one and a half inch mosque. They have forgotten their times and become kings. They do not have the slightest sense of public issues. Awam Khan Sahib is named after you. Your recommended ministers do not know the parachute. These parachutists are sitting in the government and are doing corruption together with the opposition. They are creating new problems for your government.

Mahmood Sahib of KP who is
What can they say, they have not seen the sky till today.

Khan, recognize the people around you who are waiting to see how your party can be further damaged or harmed by the overthrow of your government.

Prime Minister, please pay attention to your ideological workers who have been killing for you and your party for a long time.
The rest is up to you. If all this goes on like this, the advocates and the flatterers will continue to do more harm to the party and you will not be able to do anything.

Prime Minister, I would like to apologize if you find any of my words offensive, but this is a bitter truth.

Debate nation our heart aches for you and for PTI. The manifesto of you and your ideologues is not being implemented at all. Everything is going against your manifesto.
The opposition is taking full advantage of this, which is why the PTI is suffering the worst defeat in the by-elections and local body elections.

Our chief ministers are not even known to the locals but Khan sahib, people voted for him because of him, they tolerated him. There is a difference. The people are suffering. The hopes of the nation are connected with you. Khan, you are the axis of the hopes of this nation.

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