Karachi Zoo’s sick elephant died.

Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman has confirmed that the elephant Nurjahan was suffering from fever since yesterday, all efforts were made to save the elephant, but she could not survive and she died today.

The treatment of Hathani Noor Jahan was being supervised by world-class experts. Team Fouraz had come to Karachi for the treatment of Hathani Noor Jahan in recent days.

Who Noor Jahan has been in Karachi Zoo for 17 years, was lying on the ground for the past several days and could not stand on her feet.

Noor Jahan was diagnosed with abdominal pain at the beginning of this month due to which he had difficulty in urinating and the urination stopped.

Team of doctors, after assessing the critical condition of the elephant, prescribed physical therapy along with medicines.

Photos and videosafter of Hathni Noor Jahan’s illness went viral on social media, politicians, actors and various personalities were demanding the closure of Karachi Zoo.

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