Karachi The weekly inflation rate for low income earners has reached 21.46%.

bunch of vegetables

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation has risen sharply after a slight decline and the weekly inflation rate has risen to 19.53%.

The Bureau of Statistics has released weekly inflation data, which shows that the inflation rate for the lowest income group has risen to 21.46 percent.

Report inflation rose to 1.35% in one week.

Report prices of 22 items increased during the week while prices of six items declined and prices of 23 items remained stable.

Among the items that recorded an increase in prices, tomatoes became more expensive by Rs 70.94 per kg, after which the average price of tomatoes became Rs 149.65 per kg.

Live chicken became more expensive at Rs 29.33 per kg, taking its average price to Rs 203.49 per kg.

During one week, the price of garlic went up by Rs17.80 per kg, mustard oil by Rs9.19 per kg, domestic cylinder of LPG by Rs35.87 per kg and 20 kg bag of flour by Rs3.32 per kg.

In recent weeks milk curd, goat and beef, banana, energy saver lentils and lentils have also become more expensive.

A few days ago, a Finance Ministry spokesman claimed that inflation in the country has come down.