Karachi Sindh High Court rules in Dua Zahra case.

The Sindh High Court had this morning reserved the verdict in the Dua Zahra case which has now been heard. The court while delivering the verdict said that in the light of the evidence, a case of kidnapping does not arise and Dua Zahra has been allowed to decide on her own.

Earlier during the hearing of Dua Zahra and her husband in the Sindh High Court, the Advocate General said that according to the medical report, the age of Dua is close to 17 years. Marriage is 17 years old. How can Dua be 17 years old?

Dua is 14 years old according to the documents on which the court said that these documents should be shown in the trial court. There was a case of recovery here which is over.

Court asked Dua to meet your parents.

Which Dua Zahra replied that I do not want to meet and burst into tears. The court said that we will arrange your meeting in the chamber. After the meeting ended, the police withdrew the prayer.