Karachi Leading actress Hareem Farooq narrates an interesting story of her disappearance in childhood.

Actress Hareem Farooq participated in private TV channel program Shaan Sehwar and answered various questions of host Nada Yasir.

Hareem Farooq narrated the incident of getting lost in her childhood. She said that she went out when she was eight years old and asked the driver to leave her at her aunt’s house. She had to go for food.

The actress said that I was stubborn and said that if you do not leave, I will leave myself. She smiled and said goodbye.

Hareem said that I left at the request of the driver. I knew the way. The way to my aunt’s house would be half an hour.

At that time in Islamabad, a child was walking alone. People would ask him where he was going. I also met an uncle. He asked where my son was going. I told him that I was going to my aunt’s house.

Uncle asked Son how old are you?” I said I am eight years old. Uncle asked me which class you are in. I said I am matriculating.

I told my uncle and went ahead and reached near my aunt’s house. It was getting dark when two boys came to me. They also asked me where I was going. I said that I was going to my aunt’s house.

Hareem Farooq said that these boys asked
Son, do you know where your aunt’s house is? I told them that it is just a short distance away. Yes, I said no, I don’t know at home

The boys said We will take you home. After telling Amy Abu, they will drop you off at your aunt’s house.

When he came home, my mother and father were in the police station. Grandpa and Grandma were worried about where she had gone. He said Okay I won’t go next time.”

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