Karachi Invent without gas stove.

Eng Sajid Mustafa and Rehan Tahir have introduced a stove that requires biomass fuel not gas or wood to burn.

The two engineers combined biomass fuel with fertilizer and garbage.

A gas-fired or wood-burning stove is a clean source of energy as well as food for four to six people. This stove is a portable and eco-friendly stove for consumers in the winter season and does not emit smoke.

The engineers said that this stove is a great stove for those consumers who do not have natural gas or they want to get rid of LPG.

Without gas Stove cost of LPG of a family is around 4,000 the cost of this stove will be between

Electricity not but also power bank is required to run this stove. His can also be used for commercial purposes.

Both the engineers said that Alhamdulillah our stoves are being delivered in big cities. Talks are going on with some institutions. We want this stove to be delivered at grass root level.