Karachi How many bodies were buried in the city’s Quadrium in six months

News reports that the massacre of Corona virus in Karachi has been reported incorrectly, not due to all the deaths in the city in the last one month.

 According to the news details, 759 deaths from March 15 to April 13 are the cause of some of the deaths. Death did not come from crushing.

According to Edhi sources, from March 15 to March 31, 371 dead bodies were bathed, including 249 men and 121 women.

The deceased’s relatives say many people have long been suffering from some form of illness, and the deceased’s family has a death certificate attached to the hospital’s death certificate.

According to the survivors, most people died of heart attack or stroke. Cancer also causes liver and kidney diseases. One person died of a sore throat.

According to sources, most of the dead bodies given in baths between March 15 and 31 were more than 50 years, 358 of those who died were between 41 and 88 years.

From 15th to 31st of March, the majority of the deceased were given more than 50 years.

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