Karachi fashion model Musk Kaleem ready to tie the knot in marriage.

Leading model Mushk Klim on a photo and video sharing app Instagram informed fans through a post that she will be drinking at home by mid-December next month. Mushk Kaleem is getting married to his close friend Nadir Zia.

The supermodel said that her marriage ceremony will be on December 15, while her leave will be on December 17 and her wedding ceremony will be on December 18.

Mushk while sharing the wedding invitation, said that the most important day of his life is only 20 days away and the countdown has already started. He wrote the hashtag M & Z while sharing the post.

Leading model Musk Kaleem started modeling at a very young age in 2009. She won the Best Model award at the Lux Style Awards in 2020. She has won many awards before.