Karachi Amir Liaquat shared a long video message on social media and apologized to everyone.

In the 52-minute long video of Aamir Liaquat on Instagram, a message has been released for the whole nation including his three wives (former and current) and their two children. ۔

He wrote in his post that I will apologize to all those whose heart has been hurt in this broken life before I leave. Those who have digested my money before and including a big channel, just fear Allah and do not consider Dheel as the acceptance of their prayers.

In his message, the Member of National Assembly also addressed the youth and wrote that I urge the youth to come to the hearsay of someone before knowing or meeting him, from the halal earnings of raising their parents’ race for you. Don’t scatter your earnings and then your training by your actions. Live for Pakistan and don’t get lost in political slogans and abuse your army. Make fun of it but don’t make fun of it. Let it be known that everyone was born on the best calendar.

Explaining the allegations against Dania and his two ex-wives, he wrote: “I have emotionally said something bad to my wife Dania. I had spoken of his arrest. May Allah bless him and Bushra, Tobia Ahmed and Dua.

Let Bashari and others shine like stars in their education and knowledge and Tobia has become a star, God willing.

On the other hand, he said that I will always be active on Instagram and Facebook and meet as I am.

Amir Liaquat has announced to leave Pakistan forever after his third wife Dania Shah filed for annulment of marriage and alleged personal videos were leaked. Sending a message on Twitter, Amir Liaquat Hussain said that his own I will issue a final statement after which I will leave Pakistan forever.

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